Operations that take place within British Gibraltar Territorial Waters which do not require the vessel to anchor or touch upon Gibraltar are charged at the following rates:. Crossing on foot is your best bet. I am planning to rent a car in Morocco and cross over to Spain by ferry.

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Gibraltar agradece el apoyo de la Comisión Europea respecto a la transparencia fiscalizador Por: Tonnage dues The following tonnage dues shall be payable on all vessels arriving at, touching at, or having communication with Gibraltar, or the anchorage, port or harbour thereof in respect of each period of 48 hours or part thereof that a vessel remains at Gibraltar. I am a non EU citizen. At the bus station you must take a cab to the border.

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As i am from South Africa was not so sure what visa was required. El Servicio de Aduanas de Gibraltar colabora con las autoridades españolas en una operación antidrogas. There is no sátira to enter Gibraltar. Berthing charges In addition to the tonnage dues payable, berthing charges shall be payable by every vessel which is berthed at, or alongside, any quay, wharf or jetty in the port or harbour of Gibraltar, at the following rates: There is also a Passenger Tax Discount Scheme which is a sliding scale based on the number of calls made by a cruise ship during a calendar year as follows:.

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If i should come to Morocco What documents should i need to enter. If your journey ends in Algecirasenjoy the rest of your trip. Caçar en InfoGibraltar Buscar. For further information on rail travel and links visit www. Is there any special requirements for any restrictions on car rentals in Morocco to enter Spain?

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You may want to buy your ticket in advance , though. The long lines at the Morocco-Ceuta border. There is no charge to enter Gibraltar. If you intend to explore this Spanish exclave in North Africa, then two days should be enough: You will have to show your passport and may have your car checked. Declaración del Ministro Principal sobre la invocación del artículo 50 del Tratado de Lisboa. I wish to apply for my master degree in Spain.

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You will have to show your passport and may have your car checked. Hi Pedro If i should come to Morocco What documents should i need to enter. Quedamos a vuestra disposición y agradecemos cualquier sugerencia para mejorar nuestro servicio. Ship to ship operations payable by the delivery from a tanker to another tanker excluding mothership operation per tonne. Hi Ernest, your best bet is checking with the Spanish Consulate in Ghana. For further details please visit www. Licence The annual fees for Port Operators will be as follows:


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